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The Chasing Your Dreams Scholarship Fund was founded by Hernando and Fran Marroquin in 2012. In the first year, they gave out 20 scholarships to Antelope Valley students to help them start their college careers! After the first year of scholarship awards to qualifying high school students, the Marroquins opened the fund up to the community and invited key partners to join in this endeavor. Since then, many local community members and business organizations have contributed to this fund. At a press conference at Lancaster High School, Mr. Marroquin told staff, guests, and the press “I want to do 100 scholarships every year with the community's help!” In 2014, the fund exceeded his goal by awarding 109 scholarships to local students. The Marroquins are incredibly grateful for the support of many local sponsors and the community.

The Chasing Your Dreams Scholarship Fund founders want to help remove the obstacles that may prevent graduating high school students from achieving their dream of a college education. 

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